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How Adults and Teens use Social Media differently [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recent studies from Pew Research Center indicates that 81% of teens and 72% of Adults are active on social media. While that’s a sizeable audience, each group use social media differently.

Their research found out that both group are active on the most popular social media network (which is ofcourse Facebook) with teens making a whooping 94% and Adults, 67%. A different Story can be seen in the usage of Tumblr (A blogging website).

From the age group breakdown, the most active age group was 18 – 29 years. View full infrograph below. Click to enlarge

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Shocking Social Media Stat for 2013

The Infograph below shows some shocking Stats so far this year. Currently, we know that 1 in every 7 people is on Facebook – making it the most used Social Media in the world (and another reason for your business to be on this platform).

In Videos, 144,000 hours of videos are uploaded to Google’s Youtube every month! Continue reading