Facebook “Like” button to go away


The Facebook Like and Share buttons, according to new numbers released by the social network is the most used icons on the internet. its presence can be felt on over 7.5 million websites! And now these most widespread of online icons are both getting their first ever redesign. Continue reading


Attention Facebook Users: Edit your settings to receive posts from Amber Consult

facebook Change

Facebook has made a change that affects the posts you see from pages you like. Action is required on your part to make sure you keep receiving the quality content shared by Amber Consult (and other pages you enjoy). Don’t worry, the process is easy, and we are going to take you through it step by step. Continue reading

On Engagement: When is the best time to Post on Facebook?

As a business, you know your post is not reaching your audience when your customers start asking you when the new product is coming out, although you have posted about it on Facebook. Getting engagement on Facebook directly relate to the time of the day you post. Although, generally, the best engagement happens during evening; some also argues that, to get more engagement from your fans, you should try and post on weekends.


All these can be attributed to increasing your engagement on Social Media but for best engagement to happen on Facebook, you should check your page insight. As a Page admin, to view your page insight, Show the Admin Tab and click on “Check out the new page insight” then you click on the Post Tab. To view when you Fans are mostly online, you  click on “When your Fans are online”. Continue reading

Why give out the Right Details on Social Media?

There are many reasons why most people don’t use their true identity or use false info on their social media. Reasons given are mostly about security, staying safe from Spammers, Stalkers or even from parents.


Some exaggerate on their personality making it very attractive and therefore convenient for spammers or hackers. I once saw a photo that a friend posted on Facebook and in the photo was the image of my friend on his bed, and surprisingly his bed was covered with Dollars. I knew my friend didn’t have that amount of money but after a very careful look I realized that the image was photoshoped. Can you imagine this? This will certainly attract people who are interested in “your $$”. Why do you endanger yourself by posting some of these things?

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Is Social Media time wasting?

Social Media UserPeople have grown with the idea that social media sites are waste of time for people who register at those sites, but I will say that to almost everything there are advantages and disadvantages and this depends on how it is used. The misuse of social media makes it a waste of time. In short it becomes a disadvantage when you spend productive hours on those Social Media Sites. Also, others think it is a waste because all you can do on those sites  is to chats with friends, view their photos and read about their post but little do people know that though is a social media site one can also be exposed to other relevant things on the various pages. Not only can it be viewed as a period for relaxing and a time to catch up with your friends and family but also with every tweet, status update on Facebook from friends or family members can keep you informed depending on whom you are connected to and what the person you are connected to chooses to post.

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social media terminologies

Social Media Lingo explained

You are finally on Facebook. Hurray! But do you know the lingo in using Facebook and other social networks like Google+ and Twitter? For instance we Tweet on Twitter whiles we update our Status on Google+ and on Facebook. So what correct terminologies are you to use on the various SM platforms for you not to confuse other users? Read through the end.

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On Facebook Spam, here’s how it works

Facebook Spam

Social networking spam is spam directed specifically at users of internet social networking services such as FacebookPinterestLinkedIn, or MySpace. Experts estimate that as many as 40% of social network accounts are used for spam.

Spamming, has been with us since the birth of Internet. It started with Email spamming and the introduction of Social media has made matters worse, As people can use Pages and Groups to send bulk messages to fans/members. Continue reading