5 surest ways to get more likes on Facebook

First of all, before you start doing any of these tips I’ve listed below, you should build your offline audience before, and customers should have developed trust in your product or service. Social media can be used as an extension of offline engagement a business builds with its customers. Although online fans can be turned into loyal customers in some case.

So as a business, you want to increase the likes on Facebook?You can do so with these simple tricks without boosting your posts or promoting your page on Facebook. Continue reading


The Term Blog: Explained


Ever heard of the term blog? How about someone being called a blogger? Wondering what a blog is? A weblog simply known as a blog is  an informative page and the person who runs a blog is called a blogger. Bloggers usually blog about specific subject of their interest. For instance, a cupcake business can blog about their specials, and how they make that delicious cupcakes. For a blog to be successful, it should be consistence. Continue reading

6 Apps I (always) use on my Android

tools for the trade

I’m always on my Smartphone. Whether watching movie, doing my nightly reading. I manage the online presence of Organizations in Ghana. I think it is high time these Organizations and small business owners utilize the full potential of Social media. Whether to sell products or to engage with their customers.

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