Is Social Media time wasting?

Social Media UserPeople have grown with the idea that social media sites are waste of time for people who register at those sites, but I will say that to almost everything there are advantages and disadvantages and this depends on how it is used. The misuse of social media makes it a waste of time. In short it becomes a disadvantage when you spend productive hours on those Social Media Sites. Also, others think it is a waste because all you can do on those sitesĀ  is to chats with friends, view their photos and read about their post but little do people know that though is a social media site one can also be exposed to other relevant things on the various pages. Not only can it be viewed as a period for relaxing and a time to catch up with your friends and family but also with every tweet, status update on Facebook from friends or family members can keep you informed depending on whom you are connected to and what the person you are connected to chooses to post.

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social media terminologies

Social Media Lingo explained

You are finally on Facebook. Hurray! But do you know the lingo in using Facebook and other social networks like Google+ and Twitter? For instance we Tweet on Twitter whiles we update our Status on Google+ and on Facebook. So what correct terminologies are you to use on the various SM platforms for you not to confuse other users? Read through the end.

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