Implementing the right strategy to make your start up grow can be daunting, not to mention the inclusion of social media marketing techniques.

We have tested over 50 different tools and narrowed the field down to the best 12. This lucky 12 tools is broken into categories: Twitter tools, Facebook Tools, Analytic Tools, so feel free to jump ahead to the sections you are most interested in.
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New Feature from Twitter is just Awesome!


Twitter has released its Twitter analytics dashboard to all users, and it’s completely awesome. (Here is Twitter’s official guide on how to start up). A Dashboard will display the “performance” of all your recent tweets, with tabs of tweet,  tweets and replies each with its impressions  Continue reading

Images include Logos of Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

So you wanna be a Student President.. Read on

Images include Logos of Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

So you wanna be a student president, but have you taken into consideration your online presence? As an aspiring candidate your sole aim is to get your campaign messages  across. Traditional campaing styles is not enough. Do you know how Obama won, not only because of his Policies but the media in which he channeled them. As it was clearly seen, Continue reading

How to be cool on Twitter

Let’s all agree to the fact that, being awesome is such a great feeling. You know, back in high school, that Soccer player, with all the ladies around him. Back in the days, awesomeness was defined when you made the soccer team, you are good at Math and when you dress well. Social media has come, with countless opportunity for you to display how awesome you are online. Being amazing on Facebook is quiet…umm, A lot easier.

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Why give out the Right Details on Social Media?

There are many reasons why most people don’t use their true identity or use false info on their social media. Reasons given are mostly about security, staying safe from Spammers, Stalkers or even from parents.


Some exaggerate on their personality making it very attractive and therefore convenient for spammers or hackers. I once saw a photo that a friend posted on Facebook and in the photo was the image of my friend on his bed, and surprisingly his bed was covered with Dollars. I knew my friend didn’t have that amount of money but after a very careful look I realized that the image was photoshoped. Can you imagine this? This will certainly attract people who are interested in “your $$”. Why do you endanger yourself by posting some of these things?

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