Images include Logos of Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

So you wanna be a Student President.. Read on

Images include Logos of Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

So you wanna be a student president, but have you taken into consideration your online presence? As an aspiring candidate your sole aim is to get your campaign messages  across. Traditional campaing styles is not enough. Do you know how Obama won, not only because of his Policies but the media in which he channeled them. As it was clearly seen, Continue reading

Facebook Starts Showing Fewer Text Status Updates From Pages, More From Friends

With this update, Page Admins are adviced to use more media and links in their Facebook updates. Also, Facebook recommends that admins use the Link sharing tool rather than embedding link in the text of the update, as it provides a more rich media experience for the consumer.


Facebook has just announced a slight tweak to the Newsfeed algorithm. The newest version of the Newsfeed will show fewer text-based status updates from Pages, but will serve more text-based status updates from users.

The good news for Pages administrators is that Facebook will probably be distributing more status updates from Pages that are media- or link-based, as opposed to text-based.

According to a blog post, Facebook learned through testing that, the more simple, text-only status updates people see, the more they share. In fact, the initial test resulted in an average of 9 million more status updates written every day.

However, a text-only status update from Pages didn’t yield the same result as text status updates from regular users. Knowing this, Facebook has decided to pull back on text updates from Pages.

So what should Page administrators do to make up for the traffic?

Aside from the obvious…

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Attention Facebook Users: Edit your settings to receive posts from Amber Consult

facebook Change

Facebook has made a change that affects the posts you see from pages you like. Action is required on your part to make sure you keep receiving the quality content shared by Amber Consult (and other pages you enjoy). Don’t worry, the process is easy, and we are going to take you through it step by step. Continue reading

On Engagement: When is the best time to Post on Facebook?

As a business, you know your post is not reaching your audience when your customers start asking you when the new product is coming out, although you have posted about it on Facebook. Getting engagement on Facebook directly relate to the time of the day you post. Although, generally, the best engagement happens during evening; some also argues that, to get more engagement from your fans, you should try and post on weekends.


All these can be attributed to increasing your engagement on Social Media but for best engagement to happen on Facebook, you should check your page insight. As a Page admin, to view your page insight, Show the Admin Tab and click on “Check out the new page insight” then you click on the Post Tab. To view when you Fans are mostly online, you  click on “When your Fans are online”. Continue reading