Implementing the right strategy to make your start up grow can be daunting, not to mention the inclusion of social media marketing techniques.

We have tested over 50 different tools and narrowed the field down to the best 12. This lucky 12 tools is broken into categories: Twitter tools, Facebook Tools, Analytic Tools, so feel free to jump ahead to the sections you are most interested in.

Small businesses are eager to find valuable tools that take a lot of the time and trouble out of social media marketing and that do so without costing an arm and a leg. Hopefully, you will find one or two here you can use in your marketing that will produce big results.



Social Rank

Social Rank identifies your top 10 followers in three specific areas: Best Followers, Most engaged, and most valuable. Your most engaged followers are those who interact with your tweets a lot. i.e they Retweet, Favourite or replies to your tweets. Your most valuable followers are accounts who have huge influence, and a combination of the two is your best followers. Social Rank will run the numbers for free and show you the results today, then follow-up each month with an email report.

Make it Work for You : Social Rank can help you channel your twitter effort to followers who might deserve extra attention. You can create a specific list for these people.


You can as well call this tool as Manage Filter, as this is exactly what this tool does. Manageflitter filters your twitter followers, it shows you accounts who are inactive, those who don’t follow back (even after stating explicitly that you are part of #teamFollowBack 🙂

Make it work for you: You can batch select groups of inactive or non – following users in order to give yourself a better following count.

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Must Be Present

Do you want to see how fast you respond to mentions on Twitter? Then this is the Tool you must use. Must be present searches your Twitter account to find how quickly you respond to mentions. Engagement reports are shown which places you in a percentile based on other accounts, so you can see how you are faring against the speed of others. Did I mention it was created by folks at Sprout Social?

Make it work for you: You can set goals for response time on twitter and use Must Be Present to track them.


Tweet4Me is not just another scheduling Tool. Once you are signed up, you can send even direct message that contains a certain prefix containing information on when and what to post.

Make it work for you: Just like any scheduling tool, you can use to schedule Tweets to target your audience.



Fanpage Karma

Karma is a b***ch. Well not this Karma. Actually, Fanpage Karma is far from it. Once connected to your page, it shows a variety of valuable information related to your Facebook page. Such information include growth, engagement, service and response time and Karma, (a weighted engagement value)!

Make it work for you: If you are into video marketing, FanKarma can be a very valuable asset. It also provides insight into Twitter and YouTube!

Facebook Custom Audience

If you are advertising on Facebook you can use a handy, built in tool to cater a specific audience of your choosing by telling Facebook whom to target. Upload an excel file or link directly to your MailChimp lists. Facebook will create a custom audience based on which of your contacts are on Facebook. This feature can be added by clicking on the Audiences link inside Facebook’s Ads manager

Make it work for you: Create custom campaigns that target a list of leads or customers. You can be extremely specific with ads, since the demographic already has familiarity with your brand. (Facebook recommends that audiences sizes be at least 1,000 people so that your ad cash are well spent).


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Like Analyzer

What changes should you make to your Facebook page? LikeAlyzer will tell you. This facebook analysis tool comes up with stats and insights into your page and begins every report with a list of recommendations.

Make it Work for you: See how your pages stack among its peers by following the comparison to average page rank, industry – specific page rank, and rank of similar brands.

Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report

Wolfram Alpha Facebook report (a free feature if you have a Wolfram account) is so detailed! Everything from the content you share to the relationship status of your friends, graphically presented. Trust me, it is incredibly detailed!

Make it work for you: See how your updates are received by your friends. If you use your personal Facebook for marketing your business, you can optimize the type of content you share to your profile.



Klout, one of the most well – known tools on this list. It collects information on a person’s various social profiles to come up with a popularity score (how popular you are among your friends) of 1 to 100 and lets you follow your score over time as it improves or reduces.

Make it work for you: Apart from its basic functionality of klout scores, you can now track topics, view content suggestions and post straightaway to your connected profiles.

Google URL Shortener

URL Shortener became popular when we were forced to write 140 characters on Twitter. Well apart from shorterning your URL for you, Google’s URL shortening goes a step further, it gives you a graphical representation of where your  traffic is coming from and the number of clicks.

Make it work for you: Shorten urls associated with a single Marketing push so you can better measure the impact of Return On investment (ROI) from a particular event.


We love pictures, and most of the popular Social Media networks have been optimized  for photos. Content creation have moved from words to pictures. Infographs have become the order of the day. Infogr.am helps you build sparkling infographics by just entering information directly into the infogr.am spreadsheets built into the editor.

Make it work for you: Visualize a monthly report of your business and share this on social media. You will get the boost of visual content plus transparency.


This graphic design app has an incredibly intuitive drag and drop interface, and the tooltips and templates make it ideal for beginner designers. Everything is free unless you choose to use an image from Canva’s library of stock photos.

Make it work for you: When about to start a design, Canva provides you with templates. One of them is a perfect template for Pinterest graphic that comes premade with optimal size for a pin i. e. 735 pixels wide by 1102 pixels tall

There you have it. 12 awesome tools that we believe can kickstart your startup’s Online marketing strategy.

If we missed any of your favourites, share in the comments below.


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