Primer: Marketing Lessons for Start ups


Google have released an app to help start ups to get a grip on online marketing. Primer app, Primes users on basic skills such as content marketing, Pr & Media and Search Advertising with more to come.

Primer – marketing lesson for Start ups is available for both the iPhone and Android.

It is aimed at helping startups manage their marketing efforts. A great deal of work and knowledge goes into getting a new brand in front of consumers and establishing awareness. This app offers short five-minute lessons that supply users with the jargon-free information they need to know to get started. And since Google makes a search engine, start ups can expect to walk away with at least a basic understanding of how to better appear in the list of results.


Users are given the opportunity to choose whether to be primed on these categories, Content Marketing, Pr & Media and Search Advertising. Each Topic comes with individual lessons which you cannot proceed to the next one without passing the previous one.

Primer is the best way to learn Marketing fast whiles on the go, See case studies of companies doing marketing right. The best part, you can use it whiles offline.

Users can also ask to be emailed some activities which too can be beneficial for anyone who wishes to put knowledge into action.

download: Apple Store, Google Play


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