New Feature from Twitter is just Awesome!


Twitter has released its Twitter analytics dashboard to all users, and it’s completely awesome. (Here is Twitter’s official guide on how to start up). A Dashboard will display the “performance” of all your recent tweets, with tabs of tweet,  tweets and replies each with its impressions 

It is also so simple to use. Just log on to your Twitter account and go to:

Here’s a look at my dashboard

tweet 1

This tweet had the biggest hit for the day


This tweet features my experience I had at the just ended #ChaleWote2014 Street Festival in Jamestown, Accra.  Its total impression (people who saw it) was 60 and the engagement level rose to 6.  Engagement includes both retweets and favorites, giving me an engagement rate of 10%


This Tweet didn’t fare well at all


Apparently, my followers are not fans of Love. Other Tweets didn’t fare well too according to Twitter analytics. Most of my automated tweets about weather in my locations had huge impressions but 0.0 engagements. And also, my daily Tech 360 Newspaper tweet. Generally, Tweets having the right hashtags had biggest hit.

The joy of this new feature is that, It explicitly shows you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong on Twitter. It’s like seeing yourself in a brutal social media vanity mirror. Sometimes hideous, sometimes not so bad … but you cannot look away.


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