ChaleWote2014: What you missed out!

#ChaleWote2014 was fun! Just to say the least. Did you miss out? Follow through the gallery below to enjoy what our cameras captured as we walk down the streets of Jamestown on the 23rd – 24 August, 2014

ChaleWote, organized by the guys at Accra [dot] Alt Radio is the only Art festival organized in Accra, Ghana. This year’s theme was “Death, an eternal dream in to limitless Rebirth” and for that matter, a lot of death theme art was showcased.  It was held on  the street of the historic town of Jamestown in Accra

We even travelled on a time machine (ofcourse not a real one) back in time by Afro District. Afro District is a  Lifestyle movement that approaches style and influence from an urban perspective with an Afrocentric touch. This time around, with a touch of Vintage!


People cashed out too!

Share your pictures if you came to Jamestown


Remember, comments are free

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