5 surest ways to get more likes on Facebook

First of all, before you start doing any of these tips I’ve listed below, you should build your offline audience before, and customers should have developed trust in your product or service. Social media can be used as an extension of offline engagement a business builds with its customers. Although online fans can be turned into loyal customers in some case.

So as a business, you want to increase the likes on Facebook?You can do so with these simple tricks without boosting your posts or promoting your page on Facebook.


The Loyal Friend(s)

The first and foremost tip is to invite friends to like your page. But don’t be carried away, this method might sound disturbing to some friends. My trick on how to use this feature is to build a relationship with friends I want to send invite. Be it online or offline, I will build a relationship. As time goes on,  invites are sent to them for them to like my page. After completely explaining to them what I intend to do with the page. With this kind of following, once gotten, he can champion the cause of your page since he know definitely what you are doing and support it.

Family can also be a huge brand advocates. You’ll never know the number of people who will like your page through that distant cousin of yours


From Customers to Fans

If your business is the walk in type. For instance a restaurant, or a pub or maybe a Supermarket  you can actually turn your customers to loyal fans. Just by the word of mouth, customers can like your page. Also, another simple and easy way of getting more likes from customers is to write your Page’s name on the label, or hand out stickers of your company to customers, stickers that have the name of your Facebook page. All prints and traditional media about your company should include the link to like your Page. This helps in the effort of transferring loyal customers into loyal fans and eventually influencers


Invite Email contacts too

Another surest way of getting more likes for your Facebook page is to utilise the “Invite email contacts” after carrying out this method, Facebook will send page invitation to all your email contacts. This is how you do it:

  • Head over to the “build audience” button, click for “import contact”, click on it.
  • Choose your email service
invite 1

Click on “Build Audience”at the top right corner of your page

You then save your contacts in CSV format. Don’t worry, Facebook will guide you through it all.

In the end, you will send exclusive page invites to all of your email contacts. Which if you are lucky, they will not mark it as spam. Maximum number of contacts you can import is 5000.

More likes is good

Link Personal Pages

One super simple way to get links back to your page — and possibly get more likes — is to make sure your personal profile is linked to your page in the Employment section of your About section

Here’s how it looks:

link your profile with page


Get Local on Description

Using local keywords on your description side of your Facebook will increase the rate at which it shows up in local content. People use Facebook in their local lingua. A keyword that works perfectly (make your page really visible) in the States might not work here in Ghana. Solution to this flaw is to use locally generated keyword.

What other tricks do you use to get likes on facebook? Comment below.


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