The Term Blog: Explained


Ever heard of the term blog? How about someone being called a blogger? Wondering what a blog is? A weblog simply known as a blog is  an informative page and the person who runs a blog is called a blogger. Bloggers usually blog about specific subject of their interest. For instance, a cupcake business can blog about their specials, and how they make that delicious cupcakes. For a blog to be successful, it should be consistence.

For community engagement, a blogger can allow comments on posts, as contribution builds up, engagement can occur. In fact a blog can be used as a perfect tool for customer relations. Some blogs on the other hand do not allow comments. Daring Fireball (link here) do not allow comments on their posts, However third-party Chrome/Safari extensions (“Daring Fireball with Comments”) have retrofitted the ability to comment back into the site. What makes a blog unique from any other info or discussion board is that, it is published on the Web. Another reason why weblog came about. If you are interested in blog, you can can start off from Google’s Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress.


As said early on, a blog can be personal, which might include updates about his lives, beliefs, thoughts and if a new member have joined the family. An organization can blog about services it renders. Such blogs are usually used for marketing, PR, and branding. This particular type can be managed by only a user or multiple users.

A blog can combine various aspects of live, be it Political, Health, Education, Art blog. People blog about food too. Such blogs fall under what we call, Genre blog. A blogger might recommend other blogs / posts he find interesting to his readers. In this case, he keeps them in Blogroll usually located on the sidebar of his blog.

As you have read, blogging is no extraordinary thing. It is not for the genius though you need to have a good command on the language you intend blogging in. Everyone can run one by choice.

Do you run a blog? Comment below your blog and we will add you to our list.


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