6 Apps I (always) use on my Android

tools for the trade

I’m always on my Smartphone. Whether watching movie, doing my nightly reading. I manage the online presence of Organizations in Ghana. I think it is high time these Organizations and small business owners utilize the full potential of Social media. Whether to sell products or to engage with their customers.

As a social media manager, you always have to engage with your fans, post at the right time to get the right amount of engagement, and the best part, view analysis – in real time. The downside of being a Social media manager is, you can’t always rely on only one tool of trade – the PC. Everything is moving mobile and it is your job to adjust to current trend. Most websites that I use  its App version for iOS and Android devices.


Facebook Pages manager (FREE)

Currently, Facebook can boast of 1.317 billion users. This automatically makes it the best platform for businesses to meet their customers. And the right engagement level on Facebook can actually fetch you a huge ROI. The Facebook Pages Manager app for Android and iOS  does exactly that – on the go. In this App, you can manage all the various pages you manage on Facebook (web). Keep up with Page activity and connect with your audience anytime, anywhere. Stay up to date with instant Notifications of Likes, comments and messages and respond too on the go. You can post anytime, anywhere whether Photos, Videos or events.


Buffer (FREE & PAID)

Research has shown that, Fans actually engage with pages when the right information is given to them at the right time. You know when you Fans are online (Link to previous post here), why don’t you target post to them? Buffer does that, although Hootsuite does the same job, I used Buffer a lot. Buffer gives you the opportunity to schedule post if you want to. It also gives you the general overview of how your pages are faring, the post that had most engagements so that you can build on that. You can “upgrade to Awesome” to enjoy the full benefits of the Buffer App which includes: 100 posts and 10 additional Social Media profile.

Get the latest version of Buffer for Android and iOS


Aviary (FREE)


Aviary is a photo editing App – one of the best on the market! I use it to edit all the picture I post online. Create beautiful images with Aviary for iOS and Android, Fans engage best with images than post. You can write inside images using Aviary giving you the opportunity to create all those funny Memes for your fans. It is actually one of New York Times best Apps for iOS 7 . Although it comes as a Free App, it has in purchase to further enhance your editing abilities. The Android version can be found at the Google Play Store as well as the iOS at the App Store


Pocket (FREE & PRO)

Being able to curate the best content to share to your community is one of the  quality of a good social media Manager. Pocket created by the guys at Read it Later, helps you do just that, in a more simple way too. Use Pocket to easily save articles, videos and other web content for later viewing. If you stumble upon anything interesting online, you save it in your Pocket errm.. Your Pocket App. For later reading or sharing. Get it here for your Android Phone and iOS.


Drive (FREE)

Are you part of a team managing one Single Page? Then probably you write out your strategy or tweet schedules. This document when followed, will help in the successful run of your campaigns. The Google Drive gives you the opportunity to work on documents on the go. With Drive, your team can work on a document in real time. You can Print, move files and enable offline access and more. Share files and folders easily and securely among your team. Download for your iPhone or your Android phone.


WordPress (FREE)

Wordpress App

Do you by any chance blog on WordPress? Then this is the App for you. Get WordPress for your android and iOS device for $0.00. It comes with all the awesomeness of using WordPress on PC with the touch of Mobile. Get real time analysis on your blogs, who commented on your post and respond to it too. The wordpress App also allows you to change the theme of your WordPress Site.


I use all these Apps jointly, for instance, I curate shareable content using the Pocket app then Schedule it with Buffer, or if  I want to share right away, I go ahead to share using the Facebook Page manager app. I edit all my images and share with Aviary. The social Media team of Amber Consult utilise the power of Google Drive in sharing information among the team.

What are the Apps that you can’t live without on your Smartphone? Comment below.




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