WhatsApp Update: Group Search

Since announcing their acquisition by Facebook, WhatsApp has been powered up. Makes us think that, Facebook’s acquisition was actually worth it. The last update was users being able to edit their privacy settings, just to say the least

Just today, WhatsApp is rolling out yet another  update. This time, in relations to users groups on Facebook. Users will be able to communicate with groups they are already part of on Facebook in WhatsApp!.

After the update, a new icon (A group icon) is shown next to the “search” bar. This update according to WhatApp founder Jan Koum

“is one of the wonderful ways WhatsApp engineers are working on hard to bring the same experience of Facebook on WhatsApp”


When finished with your update, just type a Facebook group and tap the Group icon.

You have to allow WhatsApp to connect with Facebook in settings before your Facebook group will be available

If you are on Android, head over to the Play store and hit update. Update is rolling gradually (till the end of the week) so sit tight if you don’t get the update.

iPhone users too will get taste of this new feature so as other platforms that support WhatsApp

Do you think this update is worth it? Let us know in the comments box below.


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