Images include Logos of Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

So you wanna be a Student President.. Read on

Images include Logos of Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

So you wanna be a student president, but have you taken into consideration your online presence? As an aspiring candidate your sole aim is to get your campaign messages  across. Traditional campaing styles is not enough. Do you know how Obama won, not only because of his Policies but the media in which he channeled them. As it was clearly seen, Obama did not win  only the election, but won all social Media battles against  McCain.

Obama dominated the social media space because his team understood how networks work. The real power of social media is not in the number of posts or Tweets but in user engagement measured by content spreadability. So how can you integrate social media into your Campaing strategy? Simple, create account on these platforms, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (lets stick to these strong three) you can go further and create an account on Foursquare


Facebook Logo

Do these first

  • Create friend lists
  • Create a Group

Blogs as Status messages

Unlike Twitter (which provides 140 characters as a tweet), Facebook gives you the opportunity to even type a whole story book as your status message. Instead of typing a whole story book as your status message, why not host your blog posts over there, those long messages you want to share to your followers. This status message should be gated to the list that includes your students in your University

A place for your Supporters

Groups on Facebook provides the platform for likeminded individuals to meet. Creating a group will provide a platform for people who supports your ideas to meet. Strategies on how to win  can be discussed and reviewed in the group. Don’t forget to set the privacy of the Group to Open and don’t add people randomly unless they agree to join. Tell them your ideas in the group and let them champion them both offline and online.


Google+ Logo

Do these first

  • Create Community
  • Create Circle
  • Connect your G+ Account to Youtube


A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common, that’s the definition of Communities. These characteristics that you have in common is your agenda. Just as group with Facebook, tell them your agenda, how you will go about the campaign and let them champion it both offline and online. The privacy should be set to Private.


Circles, just as friend list on Facebook is used to organize your friends. Students who add you to their circle can be added to a particular circle on Google+. Adding them into that specified circle will give you the opportunity to share with them the right message at any particular time.

Hangouts and Youtube Stream

Host your supporters and people who wants to know more about your agenda on Google+ with Google+ hangouts. Hangouts gives you the opportunity to have video conference with up to 9 people in your circle. The hangout can be stream live on Youtube. The best part is, it is absolutely free!.

Connect your account to Youtube and upload your best moments over there for your supporters. You campaign videos  can even be uploaded over there. You have a short video message for the people? Upload it to Youtube


Twitter Logo

Do this first

  • Create Twitter List

Gaining credibility on Twitter is a bit tricky, especially if you don’t engage with your followers a lot. Twitter is always buzzing with activities. Your followers tweet countless times a day. Join in the frenzy and start following students on Twitter. When you get a follow back, quickly create a Twitter list and put them there. You can go a bit further and use third party app like Tweet deck to monitor tweets from your lists.

Twitter can be a good listening tool if used correctly. Listen to your supporters and most importantly, your opponents on their activities online.

Bonus :Foursquare

Foursquare Logo

Do this first

  • Connect with Facebook & Twitter

Let your supporters follow the campaign trail with your  foursquare check ins. Fourquare allows you to connect with other third party apps, Learn how to  connect your Foursquare with Facebook and twitter, so that every check in, appears on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t forget to take more pictures of your behind the scenes

Did we miss a strategy, let us know in the comment below.


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