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This is why you need a Social Media Strategy in your Business

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The time of traditional media is long gone. Question: When was the last time you took time out to listen to Radio Advert? You don’t remember, do you? The bottom line is that, traditional media is gradually been pushed backwards giving way for Social Media. According to stats, 52% of marketers have found a customer via Facebook in 2013 (Check #8). With this stats in mind, there is the need for Marketers and Business executives to incorporate Social Media in their Marketing Strategy. Amber Consult is an expert in this field and this is our reason;


Having a Social Media Strategy is very relevant in a business if the business aims to advertise itself farther, in both Local and International. Technology is fast growing and nowadays ads are not only limited to radio and television therefore the need for a Social Media in a firm cannot be undermine. Social media is unique and not only advertise as other mediums of advertisement do but it also Engage enquirers and needs are easily known and addressed by the business. The best part is, it is quiet cheaper than traditional media.

Customer Service

Countless Customers’ enquiries are met by business daily via their various Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Jump on the train in this trend and solve the needs of your customers in real time. Businesses can use Social Media to manage crises started by angry customers in a flash, although this one, you need an expert who is rich in the field of Social Media.

In doing this customers will be engaged creating customer relationship and as a result the business’ products/services will be patronize. There is also a high probability that your customers will stay with you since through the interaction their dislikes and likes about the product will be made known to the firm and the necessary attention will be given to it.

I’m sure there are countless of reason you know for Business to include Social Media in the Business, Tell us in the comment section below.



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