Launching of Google Trader in Ghana

Google to discontinue Google Trader

Launching of Google Trader  in Ghana

Launching of Google Trader in Ghana – pic: Rodney Quarcoo

The Google Trader Operations team has sent out emails to users of Google Trader that, effective from 11th November, 2013, Google Trader will no longer be available for posting new listings or reposting existing listings. However, users may continue to post listings until the said date and any listing posted as of that date will remain active on Google Trader until it expire.

According to the emails sent out, users will not be able to post listings on their Trader account, but listings already there will remain active until it expires.

If you are a business and you still wants to be online, then Google advices you to create a Google+ Business Page. Sign Up here. A Google+ Business page will be the new online home for your business on Google. It will provide your business with a public identity on Google+, and it’s where you will connect with customers, develop your brand and engage your following.

How will your Business benefit from a Google+ Business Page?

  1. Get found when customers are looking on Google via computer or mobile phone
  2. Show your customers where your business is located
  3. Easy way to maintain your online presence
  4. It is free

With this development, Google have once again made it clear to us that, Google+ is really the center of their products.



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