Attention Facebook Users: Edit your settings to receive posts from Amber Consult

facebook Change

Facebook has made a change that affects the posts you see from pages you like. Action is required on your part to make sure you keep receiving the quality content shared by Amber Consult (and other pages you enjoy). Don’t worry, the process is easy, and we are going to take you through it step by step.

show in news feed

First, go to Amber Consult’s Facebook page and mouse over the “Liked” button. From there, you will see an option labelled “Show in News Feed.” Make sure that is checked.

all updates

Right below that is a button labelled “Settings.” Click that and you will see “All Updates,” “Most Updates,” and “Only Important.” Make sure you choose “All Updates” so you continue to see all of the content we share, just like you used to before Facebook made this change.

As long as you follow these quick steps you will be able to enjoy the quality content we consistently share with our fans!


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