Time to Create a Google+ Page

In this article, we are going to learn how to use Google+ to market your products to your customers. Mind you, Google+ is one of the fastest growing Social Media Network. As of September, 2013, Google+ can boast of 1.01 Billion registered users, And according to experts, this figure is set to double up in a year’s time. As a business, this is your opportunity to flourish. We all know the power that Google has over the Internet.Google+ business Various products created by Google are available to enhance the online presence of Businesses. Google+ is no exception. Created on June 28, 2011 as an invite only social media platform, Google+ is steadily gaining the attention of Internet Users. It opened its doors for users above 18 years to create an account on September 20, 2011. Google+ Pages was launched on November 7, 2011 to all users. It allows entities which are not individuals (such as organizations, companies, and publications) to set up profiles, or “pages“, for the posting and syndication of posts. It is similar to Facebook’s similarly named feature. So how can a Business take full advantage of Google+?

First of All, Create a Google+ Page

Google+Pages creation

To create your business page, navigate to http://www.google.com/+/business and click the button to the upper right reading, “Create a Google+ page.” Google will prompt you to sign in with your email address. Simply sign in with your personal or work address. Google+ allows you to manage your page just like a Facebook Page — through your own account, with the ability to add other managers. Pick a category that your business is in, add basic Information (the right information) you want your customers to see, choose a public Photo and profile Photo. For best result, we suggest that you use your company logo as a profile picture. A customer’s view To see how your Google+ Page appears to the public, toggle your view using the “View profile as” feature in the top navigation of your page. You can also type in a specific user’s name to see how your page appears for that user. This gives you the best view on how the public are actually seeing your profile. Send an Invite Is your

Company page managed by the Marketing Team?


Invite team members to help manage your Google+ Page. Anyone who can help answer questions, share content, or monitor should be welcomed. For example at Amber Consult, in addition to our social media team, members from our content team are invited to manage the page for when they need to research and write more content about Google+. Share directly to a Community Google Communities are an active and engaging place for sharing content. Join a community relevant to your industry in other to attract the right engagement. They work just like LinkedIn Groups. You can share content into these communities right from your Google+ Page by adding them via the plus (+) feature in a status update.


Google+ automatically adds hashtags to posts based on the content of the update. You can also include your own hashtags (or choose to remove those added for you) to help bucket your content into conversations happening in the Google+ space around that same topic.

Google is Visual, So should you


Google+ is a highly visual network. Aside from the colossal cover image on your business page, it allows you to share images of varying formats, sizes, and styles. The Google+ algorithm then goes to work to present content in a multi-column design that adapts visual presentation based on screen size and orientation. Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of engineering at Google, told TechCrunch, “We’re fixing a long-standing problem with these feeds, they’re flat. Other sites let you scroll through posts that have been shared with you. You can’t go through and read on more topics. You can’t go deeper on an interest on topic.”



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