On Engagement: When is the best time to Post on Facebook?

As a business, you know your post is not reaching your audience when your customers start asking you when the new product is coming out, although you have posted about it on Facebook. Getting engagement on Facebook directly relate to the time of the day you post. Although, generally, the best engagement happens during evening; some also argues that, to get more engagement from your fans, you should try and post on weekends.


All these can be attributed to increasing your engagement on Social Media but for best engagement to happen on Facebook, you should check your page insight. As a Page admin, to view your page insight, Show the Admin Tab and click on “Check out the new page insight” then you click on the Post Tab. To view when you Fans are mostly online, you  click on “When your Fans are online”.

So when are your Fans really online?

To answer this question, click on the “when your Fans are online” Tab. Data shown will be for the recent 1 week period of your page’s activity. Times correspond to your Computer’s local time.  (click on image to enlarge)



The average number of your fans who saw your post on Facebook by the day of the week will be shown. Ambers Consult’s average post views is shown above. From the image, it could be seen that, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday gather a lot of views.


The average number of your fans who saw any of your posts on Facebook in an hour will be graphically illustrated below. The best time for our page to get a lot of engagementn is 10pm which gathers averagely 25 views.

In a Nutshell

amber_graph 2

To get the actual time of the day to post in order to get engagement, hover your mouse on any of the days, and the graph above will show the best times to post. (click on image to enlarge)

How do you create the best engagement with your Fans? Have a say below



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