How to be cool on Twitter

Let’s all agree to the fact that, being awesome is such a great feeling. You know, back in high school, that Soccer player, with all the ladies around him. Back in the days, awesomeness was defined when you made the soccer team, you are good at Math and when you dress well. Social media has come, with countless opportunity for you to display how awesome you are online. Being amazing on Facebook is quiet…umm, A lot easier.


But on Twitter, it can be a big deal. You gotta tell your followers how you are awesome in just 140 characters. Here’s how to be awesome on Twitter without breaking a bone.


Every Social Media account needs a profile picture and Twitter is no different. Start with a good quality image with at least 500 x 500 pixels in size. You have to put in quality in order to get quality. Select a photo that stars you, not your collar. Once you have a quality image, make sure that it’s cropped to put your face right in the centre because other objects will cause distraction. Some like to say that you should change your profile picture minimally, but I for one change it every three months (on all social networks though). If you are a business, it is advisable to use your company logo as a profile Picture. We all started using Twitter with the egg as a Profile Picture; it is time to change that.



Make sure you give out all information on your bio section. Stating clearly what you do. Are you a Techie, a Developer, or an Artiste, this is the space you have to tell the world what you are into. Providing these will give your followers a heads up on what to expect if they follow you. A business can go further by providing their website, or their phone number to reach out to potential customers.


Your tweets should not be centred solely on you. Tweet helpful information and tips to your followers. Update your followers with the latest news. When someone Retweets your tweet, Thank the person. Every tweet that mentions you should be responded to. It builds relationship and increases your awesomeness.


Hashtags is one of the most common features on Twitter. It serves as a point of reference for a particular topic. For instance, to get tweets concerning Social Media, you can search for the #SocialMedia  hashtag, and all tweets will be available to you. But curating a hashtag is also one of the trickiest tasks on Twitter. For hashtags has to be simple, easy to remember and must relate to the particular tweet. Creating a hashtag that relate to your tweet will help your followers to understand you well. A big No No in constructing a tweet is to add millions of Hashtags. At least one or two hashtags is enough.


Don’t go cold on Twitter, once you start using the service and you gather a couple of followers, they will always be wanting for more posts from you. Schedule posts to take care when you are busy with other stuff in your life, say school. Tweetdeck does a great job in Tweet Scheduling. On mobile, I’ll tip my hat to Tweetcaster.

How can you increase your twitter awesomeness, have a say in the comment section below.


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