Why give out the Right Details on Social Media?

There are many reasons why most people don’t use their true identity or use false info on their social media. Reasons given are mostly about security, staying safe from Spammers, Stalkers or even from parents.


Some exaggerate on their personality making it very attractive and therefore convenient for spammers or hackers. I once saw a photo that a friend posted on Facebook and in the photo was the image of my friend on his bed, and surprisingly his bed was covered with Dollars. I knew my friend didn’t have that amount of money but after a very careful look I realized that the image was photoshoped. Can you imagine this? This will certainly attract people who are interested in “your $$”. Why do you endanger yourself by posting some of these things?

Others also provide too much information making them bring out what can be used against them if it is seen by bad people. In providing information about yourself make sure you control your privacy settings; setting it to people who you trust to view all your information.  If you are asked about your address, you can go ahead and give out all details about where you are located, but don’t forget to increase your privacy. This information can expose you easily and quickly.

So you can see that is not about given false information but rather is about knowing the extent to which you want your information to be known. Determine who can view your information. Almost all the social media platforms have security setting and you can choose who views your posts and information. It’s just about having those setting changed to your own choice. If the social media platform has no security checks you can choose not to create an account with them. See that your social media sites have good security insurance for you before signing up to those sites:

But the question still stands, what is the essence of providing the right information on your Profile in Social media?


Most times on social media you are connected to your friends or employers. This means that to some extent they know a little about you. Given false information will make you look like a liar in front of them. They knowing that you went to school A and you telling them you went to school B will definitely not allow them to put their trust in you since there is no column for you to explain yourself that is for security reasons. All they will assume is that you are presenting yourself as someone who is not. To those who know nothing about you they might believe you but for they that know you, you are a liar and can’t be trusted. Especially, if your answer is extravagant!


When you are urgently needed and your contact can’t be found, social media through your information can be of help. Sometimes back I lost a friend’s contact and there came a time that I urgently needed his help. So I simply checked on his information on Facebook, took his number and called Him. If he had given a false number I wouldn’t have been able to connect to him.



People will get to know about what you are into and if your services are needed you can be considered. Also the open graph search on Facebook can help you to be connected easily. For instance, people from the same school, church, or company can easily be located by just typing into the search engine. This can help you to easily connect to people you may know. If you give wrong information on that particular area, you will be counted out.


Lastly people will get to know some real truth about you before asking you. In this way they would know how to treat or deal with you. Let’s say on your information page you have listed that you speak English and French only, someone who has read that wouldn’t approach you with Spanish since he/she has already been informed at your profile page. They would know what exactly to talk about and what not to.

Let’s hear your voice in on why you should provide the correct info on Social Media.


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