Is Social Media time wasting?

Social Media UserPeople have grown with the idea that social media sites are waste of time for people who register at those sites, but I will say that to almost everything there are advantages and disadvantages and this depends on how it is used. The misuse of social media makes it a waste of time. In short it becomes a disadvantage when you spend productive hours on those Social Media Sites. Also, others think it is a waste because all you can do on those sites  is to chats with friends, view their photos and read about their post but little do people know that though is a social media site one can also be exposed to other relevant things on the various pages. Not only can it be viewed as a period for relaxing and a time to catch up with your friends and family but also with every tweet, status update on Facebook from friends or family members can keep you informed depending on whom you are connected to and what the person you are connected to chooses to post.

Also through the ads on these sites of late, you can be exposed to firms/product/personalities which can be of great help to you the individual, one way or the other. Again contributions to the media (radio and television stations) have been made much easier. No need to struggle through to get your call to a station to make a suggestion now, no need to wait for hours to get your call picked up, no need to consume much credit on the media phone in sections. Contributions can easily go through by just posting on the pages of the social media page of the station. That is easy!

So what am I driving at with this long post? Simple, I’m trying to argue my way the essence of using Social media. But social Media will not be of any importance to you if you don’t follow these simple steps:

Check at a Specific Time

Check your pages at specific intervals. Why should you log on into your social media accounts every five minutes? This will certainly prevent you from being attentive/focus on your work or your task for the day, but rather check at specific time that u think won’t distract you from work/the tasks you are up to. This can easily be arranged and it depends on the individual. Don’t access your account during working periods. It will take great discipline to do that though.  But you know unlike us, at Amber Consult, that’s what we do. We take Social Media really serious.

When is enough, really enough?

Avoid registering on too much social media sites.  Registering for so many social media sites will in the end waste your time, since you might want to view what’s going on on your  pages at the moment. If possible, register for a few with different functions.

Follow the right people….and Pages

Lastly, follow educative/informative pages. For instance,’s page on Facebook provides educative tips for students. Not forgetting our page on Facebook which gives great tips concerning the social media ecosystem. There are a number of them on the social media, therefore if you spend a lot of hours on these pages it can be of an advantage since you can learn great new things. Have a say on how you manage your Social Media.



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