social media terminologies

Social Media Lingo explained

You are finally on Facebook. Hurray! But do you know the lingo in using Facebook and other social networks like Google+ and Twitter? For instance we Tweet on Twitter whiles we update our Status on Google+ and on Facebook. So what correct terminologies are you to use on the various SM platforms for you not to confuse other users? Read through the end.



To tweet on Twitter means you want to tell people following you what happening in your location. In other words, you sent messages via Twitter by Tweeting.

Retweet (RT)

In the Twitter ecosystem, Retweet is abbreviated to RT. To retweet someone’s post means to repost a tweet from other twitter users to your followers.


The timeline is the first page that shows up when you log on into your Twitter account. Twitter users sometimes shorten it as TL. The TL contains all tweets from people you follow on Twitter.


If you decide to follow someone on Twitter , it means you have  subscribed to his tweets. Also following someone doesn’t guarantee a follow back.


To like a Tweet. Equivalent to Like or +1 on Google+


To mention someone in a Tweet. Mentioning someone is easily done by bringing @ before their username on Twitter. E.g @iamrobotboy will mention me in a tweet. Twitter notifies someone if he is mention in a Tweet

 Direct message

Direct message is a private message sent using Twitter. You can only send someone a private message only if the Person follows you back. On Twitter, DM is the same as Direct message. One trick with DM is that, once you delete a sent DM, it automatically gets deleted from the recipient’s inbox. 😉


Lingo on Google+ is slightly different from the two. On Google+ for instance


To send a message using Google+, you need to share


You Reshare a post from other Google+ users to people who have added you into their circle. Just like Retweet on Twitter.


The Stream contains streams on message/posts from people you have added into a circle. It contains the what’s Hot feature in Google + too. Stream is the page that shows up when you log on into G+


You add people into a Circle to receive posts from them. Just like following on Twitter, adding people in your circle does not guarantee a circle back. Circling someone is equivalent to following someone on Twitter.


A verb and it is the act of appreciating someone’s post on Google+. To +1 (pronounced as plus 1  positive 1) someone’s post means you like it!

All the lingo on the three biggest Social Media platform works basically the same. What differentiates them is the language used. So if you really want to dive in the world of Social media, I suggest you get yourself equipped with the lingo and come join the fun. Did we miss a lingo; add it below in the comment section.

social media terminologies

The Social Media Lingo expalined



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