How to Kickstart Skype: Easy as ABC

In this article, you are going to learn how to kickstart Skype on Windows. Although this article applies to users on Mac. Skype, is standalone chat suite that helps you connect with friends and family through instant messaging and video Calls. You can also used your Skype credits to call other landlines from PC.

So how can you start using Skype?

Simply go to Skype Website and click Get Skype for windows Desktop.

Save the installation file on your PC and click run to install it.

Select your language of installation and click I agree – next (mind you, clicking on I agree – NEXT means you accept Skype’s privacy policy).

Select Language for skype

If you don’t wont to install Bing, you should uncheck “Make Bing my search engine” and click continue

Bing Selection screen

Your Skype installation starts. When it is complete, Skype opens and the sign-in screen is displayed.

Skype sign in Screen

Click on Create an Account to register for Skype

If you are not already having an account, Click on Create an Account to register for Skype.


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